What We Do


You need a website

People expect businesses to have a web presence nowadays, and don’t really trust a business that doesn’t at least have a simple website with pertinent information for them.

Everyone and their dog believes that a fancy website choked with content and links and a zillion sidebars, graphics, and even videos is going to bring you customers. Sorry, but it is a myth perpetrated by those who want to sell you a website that requires you to be a Ph.D in quantum physics to maintain… and which probably won’t do any better than something easy, simple, clean, minimal, and functional.

People are no longer swayed by fancy, whiz-bang sites with animations, and ten tons of content they have to wade through… most of it covert advertising. People want to know what you do and why you do it and why you are good at it. Or they want to know what you are selling and why they should buy from you and not someone else.

We will build you a beautiful site that is simple, functional, and easy to maintain using WordPress. That is what we do.

What you need to do to help us help you

  • Register a domain (or use one you have)
  • Put the domain with a web host (we will recommend some.)
  • Pick a visual “theme” for your site. There are many to choose from. (We’ll recommend.)
  • Work on your home page content and find some pix for it. (We’ll help.)
  • Write the “about us” page… a few paragraphs about you or your company.
  • Write the services/product pages, detailing what you do or sell… and why.

We believe that simple is better and that good content will “beat” a lot of “flash” anytime… every time.

Our service is to get people who don’t have a website or who have one which is not run via a content management system like WordPress up and running quickly and affordably.

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