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Left to right: Mayapriya Long, Al Canton, Alice Walker

Our Mission

As you can see, we are not kids. We are mature adults (very mature!.) We have about a million years among us in computer technology, art, and design. Unlike the kids who populate this industry, we have a good work ethic and we understand this simple principle:

People don't care how much we know,
until they know how much we care.

Our mission and business model is very simple.

We create nice looking websites for small businesses… and especially authors and other creative types.

Our market-basket of services is targeted to those who want a website, have little or no idea how to get one OR who don’t want to make the effort. Our goal is to get client sites up in a week of work once we have all of the content.

We are not wedded to any concept or any methodology and are happy to get ideas. We are happy to receive comments, criticism, and suggestions from our client base. We want them to feel free to offer ideas and suggestions… we’re happy to hear anything and everything they might come up with.

We guarantee our work... totally. No questions asked. If you don't like it, you don't pay for it.

Bottom line, our mission is to do good work at a fair price, to treat our customers fairly, not promise what we can’t deliver, not take on work that is beyond our focus, and to always do what is best for the customer and what is right for the customer.

"We don't have clients... we have friends."


NewMediaWebsiteDesign.com is owned by:

Adams-Blake Publishing
8041 Sierra Street
Fair Oaks, CA 95628

(We don't post our phone as it just generates robo-calls! Email is best.)

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